Jun (純), full name Jun Kumaori (くまおり純)

With an elegantly impressionistic style, Jun paints with the full life of the traditional paint medium they emulate as a digital painter. Their beautiful color palette is rich with color, often bringing in a full spectrum of hues in a refined manner throughout their various strokes of grass, sky, water, and shadow.

Jun’s dream-like, subtlety surreal scenes typically center on a young girl character — however, another hidden character appears in almost every single piece: The Mekarou (メカウロ). The tiny creature resembles a scaled teardrop-shape, and is often very difficult to find, but can most easily be seen within Jun’s icon (last image). The name Mekarou is derived from the Japanese saying 目から鱗が落ちる (translated literally as “to have scales fall from one’s eyes”), a phrase meaning “to see the light”.

*Originally featured artist #15